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1. About Time Lyrics

About Time Lyrics

You thought you had me wrapped around your finger You believed my soul was all yours to take But now when nothing goes as expected You think you can try and make me your slave I'll make you crash Whe

2. Think About It (EP) Lyrics

Think About It (EP) Lyrics

I, I know I shouldn't be doing this Why can't I stop? Butterfly, bloodrush, everything's telling me to run but I'm not You only regret what you don't do Why don't we do what we want to now ? Don't giv

3. It's About Time Lyrics

It's About Time Lyrics

All the talking You been talking lately It's got me thinking You should listen maybe I gotta new way You ought'a try it baby It's a new day And I'm thinking its a About time That you know That you kn

4. Spin Your Lies (EP) Lyrics

Spin Your Lies (EP) Lyrics

I'm here waiting at your front gate You should have been here like yesterday I kinda got the feeling that I'm being used And that ain't cool Don't wanna let you think that it's alright To

5. Paint My Name (EP) Lyrics

Paint My Name (EP) Lyrics

Tonight's the night I'm breaking out of my shell Gonna put on my shoes I'm releasing myself Alright, it's that time I've been feeling like takin' a chance Been stuck inside, can't wait to get

6. What About Us (EP) Lyrics

What About Us (EP) Lyrics

[Featuring: Sean Paul] Oh why are we are waiting so long, I'm suffocating Oh why are we are waiting so long, I'm suffocating Boy it's now or never Time we get together Been a long time coming

7. Alex In Wonderland (EP) Lyrics

Alex In Wonderland (EP) Lyrics

If you’re walking home tonight, say your prayers keep to the streetlights. I know I’m on your mind with the worst intentions. I'm working up the guts to say you weren't enough. Fuck what your frie

8. Paradise (What About Us?) [EP] Lyrics

Paradise (What About Us?) [EP] Lyrics

[feat. Tarja] There’s no sense, the fire burns When wisdom fails it changes all The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning Blood red skies, I feel so cold No innocence, we play our role

9. Fopspeen (Bound 2 U) [feat. All About She] Lyrics

Fopspeen (Bound 2 U) [feat. All About She] Lyrics

Ahuh, oh baby Don't leave me going crazy Cause I'm, I'm restless here Ahuh, oh baby Only you can tame me Cause I belong to fear You know, my tears, they Run right into rivers Flowing under mountains C

10. Time for Us Lyrics

Time for Us Lyrics

See the light Right about time see the face, You ain't got no the strays and takeaways No more time for me and you Take me on the road, baby, it due Yake me back in time, say it right Oh baby sing it

11. Time's Up Lyrics

Time's Up Lyrics

So why do you hate me It's not another crazy day So what do you want from me It's not another crazy day I just wanna hurt you But it's not your fault I still wanna love you But you make it tough So wh

12. About a Girl Lyrics

About a Girl Lyrics

I need an easy friend I do with an ear to lend I do think you fit this shoe I do what you have a clue I'll take advantage while You hang me out to dry but I Can't see you Every night Free I do I'm s

13. Do You Wanna Change Lyrics

Do You Wanna Change Lyrics

Standing on the corner He's begging for your change You're looking at him sadly But is he so strange? What what you do, if he walked up Would you take a dollar and put it in his cup Oh, he is just a m

14. I Go Back Lyrics

I Go Back Lyrics

I think about the times you told me to follow my feet But they led me in the wrong direction Now my life is filled with nothing but these crossroads, Ditches, back alleys and intersections Now it's m

15. Tattoo Lyrics

Tattoo Lyrics

[Originally by Rancid] I heard you say something about friendship And loyalty's the weapon of the weak. And when you get get get get get realized And tears come down and released My love for you is

16. Black Night Lyrics

Black Night Lyrics

"This song is about the girl and drugs that ruined my life, C'mon!" It was just another story of two kids from the street Who were trying to survive and not get beat Stand together and try to give It

17. About Me Lyrics

About Me Lyrics

im just a kid, tryna be a poet, got my pen in my hand, writing life as i know it, and thats it, no more explainin this bubble, cause all i got in my life was pain and this struggle barely 11, wo

18. Time Lyrics

Time Lyrics

It's 3AM right now in late July The sky has never been as clear as I swear it is tonight We'll laugh until dawn about the shit we did And sleep the day away tomorrow Dream of doing it again Stars in

19. Time`s Up Lyrics

Time`s Up Lyrics

No need to be sad, I don’t have time for this I’m okay now,it was annoying(was annoying) It’s okay to be truthful, I don’t have time for this It’s okay if you swear at me, that is my ru

20. About the Something Lyrics

About the Something Lyrics

You chilled me with the hint of suicide You said you're dying just to meet tonight I know you've never been that innocent You know I'm dying to inhale your scent You walk a lonely street to me alone