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1. Special Victims and Ice T Lyrics

Special Victims and Ice T Lyrics

I don't mean to complain about censorship at all though, because as you probably have seen by now, you can basically say whatever you want on television, it's ridiculous. You can say anything you want

2. Michigan Left Lyrics

Michigan Left Lyrics

Driving to work, I had the radio on, Only to hear Curtis Granderson's gone. Reminders they come in empty lots, 67' took these city blocks. Can we meet in the middle? Can I turn you around? Let's talk

3. Go Kart Racing Lyrics

Go Kart Racing Lyrics

Get on my go kart, strap myself in Rev up the engine let the fun begin Put my foot on the gas and I'm outta the gate But the faster I go, the more the metal vibrates My body's tingling from my head t

4. Fever Lyrics

Fever Lyrics

when the fever passes at the bottom of the cotton in the background in the background of the flood dry among the wet and the rotten when the fever passes next to the brimming well the worst is more th

5. Beatcha Lyrics

Beatcha Lyrics

Wondering where you've been Wondering where I'm going But the way things seem, You know it's never... And we try so hard just to get it right. Except for what you hear when you're hanging around And y

6. Hospital (Win Your Love) Lyrics

Hospital (Win Your Love) Lyrics

Just my luck Today’s the day Man, that hurt Its worth the pain There’s a new queen in this house She’s plastered up Behold the sight Just look up Fluorescent light Have i gone to heaven or to ho

7. Yer Only Job Lyrics

Yer Only Job Lyrics

Your only job is to be free Free to live inside a tree Free to see the way you see If it's strange then let it be Your only job is to be free Free to laugh, free to sing Free to think, you might be k

8. From Finner Lyrics

From Finner Lyrics

We came here on his back & we caught your eye The salty ocean wind Made the seagulls cry The rocking of his house Had me holding on But I knew that I was safe From there on out The waves that hit his

9. Human Error Lyrics

Human Error Lyrics

If I was a writer, I'd write my opinions And save them for later Just to see how wrong I could be If I was a painter, I'd paint all my rainbows in different colors, or probably just black and grey I

10. Typhoon Lyrics

Typhoon Lyrics

If it's summer, sing me a song tonight. There's a typhoon blowin. There's a typhoon blowin. Lover says to me I can love you now. How I loved you then. How I loved you then. Hear it in the trees on t

11. Back of Your Neck Lyrics

Back of Your Neck Lyrics

steal a car on a dare dump it in the minow river you think we’re bonnie and clyde but both of them fuckin died i think you’re mid july smoke you in hot as a crack pipe i wanna love you but we just

12. Laser Beams Lyrics

Laser Beams Lyrics

Black veil, some pageant dreams, yeah Mirrors and TV screens, come on, Your eye are laser beans, yeah, Your moves like a trampoline! And you don’t know where you disappear Oh, watch your way, your..

13. Mean to Me Lyrics

Mean to Me Lyrics

Gotta scream at the top of yer lungs Just to get out what you want 'em to hear Don’t ya know where I’m comin’ from? Black Cat livin’ across the way Got more in him then we could ever say Don

14. Magnolia Lyrics

Magnolia Lyrics

[INSTRUMENTAL] You feel like you're wide awake You can see you're dragging down the morning sun, the morning sun You believe you hide away You can see you're burning in your innocence, your innocence

15. Dead Sea Lyrics

Dead Sea Lyrics

I stood alone, upon the platform in vain Puerto Ricans they were playing me salsa in the rain With open doors and manual locks In fast food parking lots I headed West, I was a man on the move New Yor

16. Winter Lyrics

Winter Lyrics

Winter, oh, oh ... Oh, oh, would you Would you still watch me? ...we didn't need a... to finish, finish our talk I thought I saw an aura in this void, I thought there was a mirror, in your voice Wint

17. Even If We Try Lyrics

Even If We Try Lyrics

Even if we try Even if we try To make ourselves alright To mend our severed lies Well all the rivers rage Descend upon the stage Running melodies I lift my voice to sing Oohooh... Holding to the past

18. Richie and Ruben Lyrics

Richie and Ruben Lyrics

They opened up a bar called "Living Hell" Right from the start it didn't go too well They didn't have the vibe or quite the right clientele They bought a velvet rope and the door man laughed They got

20. 20 Years Lyrics

20 Years Lyrics

There's a note underneath your front door That I wrote twenty years ago. Yellow paper and a faded picture and a secret, in an envelope There's no reasons no excuses theres no second hand alibis just